Thursday, May 31, 2007

Posting these classroom caps on the behalf of my team.
Damien and Heber aren't here;
Heber doesn't have a computer at home and Damien has connection problems.

Screencaps ahead!

9.00 am
Basic 101 on How do I stuff in SL
Basicly a Q&A class.

10.00 am
NCI Class: Advanced Building--Flexi-Prims and Light
Very detailed class.
People with 3D experience might find it abit lenghty..

2.30 pm
eLumenata Lesson: Tour HUD
Teacher MIA.
We gave up waiting at around 3pm.
Took a cap though.
Heard the teacher's not online.
Haha, celebrating vesak?
Will be back with updates/comments later if any.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Our scripting tutorial featured attaching a script to an object, and making it say something when it was touched.
Well, in short, the tutorial was interesting but understandably rather frustrating to those who have not touched programming before. The style of scripting reminded me of Flash Actionscript.

Another modelling tutorial with snowmen! This time we were taught how to sell them.

Yet another modelling tutorial featuring a ski board:

Regarding Miss Dioselin's post, when you click Link's picture on the wall in the shop, you will receive a response saying Link playing Ocarina, and a short tune will be played.

particle effects on my torch!

cool huh? this hoverboard? =D..

On behalf of my team, im blogging our Scavenger Hunt:

starting from the left; Wen Long, Damien, Heber, Lynette, Shu Wen with our Mohawk hairstyle~

2.) in the Upside Down Room

4.) our own pet dragons!

5.) Nintendo shop huh!?

6.) Playing SLingo!!

7.) wahoo, nice view!

8.) Dancing, YEAH~

10.) nice tulip!

Comments on SL:
Damien: the pros of SL is that the virtual world is built and ran by the players itself rather then programmers and designers deciding it. all the programmers and designers need to do is to provide the necessary tools for the users to have a hands-on in building the shapes in the virtual world. i would say that this is quite intriguing.

but the cons of this game is that you may have to have a powerful computer and high boardband width to truly join the game. not only that, contents built and created by users arent really controlled and censored. hence, once in awhile we might stumbled onto a island that is more of a adult content.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Mario and Link!

Ha ha the OS team did the scavenger hunt and found a place where Link is standing next to Mario, but.... did you read the whole description?

Find the place where Link is standing next to Mario and is playing a tune from Legends of Zelda: Ocarina of time

It seems the place you found is the Nintendo-related store, and I don't seem to remember Link is playing a tune there.... The place I mean allows you to click on Link and you can actually hear the tune, and it looks like the picture above.

Now I dare you: find this place! :)

Our first Tutorial - Building a stick for our character to hold

Basically, its easy 3d modelling in Second Life.
First, we were instructed on how to create our own 'torch'. Using the materials we were given, along with some instructions, here's the outcome:
The whole concept of the tutorial was this: Create a few objects, attach any scripts you want to them, and link them together. Then, drag it into your inventory and wear it.

Very good basic tutorial for in-game modelling. We'll be taking a closer look at the script that emits the particles.

A First Stab into the game

Our Team Meeting:In the Olive Upside Down Room:Mohawk-ed:Dragon Pet:
Hello Link and Zelda!
SLingo :
Balloon Ride:
Teleportation Trail 1:
Teleportation Trail 2:
Teleportation Trail 3:
Here's our thoughts on Second Life:

Eugene -The game gets pretty laggy sometimes.
The game allows humans to interact with each other fully in the game world.

The lagness in school cause the whole game to be not as fun as it should be i guess. Wasted alot of time because of that as well. Interesting game as to how you can build tools in it and customise appearances and stuffs.

Yes lag is frustrating, but on the bright side there is many different types of creative activities that can be made/found. Another problem is that lack of objectives in Second Life, which drives the more hardcore gamers like me away. The user interface needs a revamp.

Monday, May 28, 2007

It's over! ...and a new one starts right away

The March-May project period has ended:

  • A private island for a Singapore government was built, including 3 conference rooms and a beach cafe :)
  • The SL island team also created a machinima which we plan to submit to Machinimasia this year
  • Second Pets, an alternate reality game was created and beta-tested for 3 weeks with a group of NYP students. Results and pictures of the prize ceremony coming soon!
  • And we were interviewed for a 7-page feature on SL by Singapore's The Strait Times newspaper.

Today, a new 12-week period starts with 2 projects:
  • SL Open Source: we'll be working on customizing the look and 3D interaction of the SL client.
  • SL ARG: a second alternate reality game, using the learnings from Second Pets.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Hammy's Vacation - Does it look like a vacation you'd go to?

Alrighty, so we've almost completed production for both the video and audio aspects. However, due to certain time constraints we're using good rough out shots for the final video. Today, we did sound recording and had a good laugh about it as we heard each other (including Kazaf and Chicken's, hehe). Here are some location shots of the machinima ...

The soul room

Main Control Core

Beelzebub's Room

More of Beelzebub's Room

Portal Summoning Area

More of the portal summoning area

Entrance to the outer sanctum

Lava pool in the outer sanctum

Control panel in the outer sanctum

More of the soul room

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hammy's Vacation - The Summary of a beginning
(blogged on behalf of Gab and Hao)

It's been awhile since we've updated anything new about our current project. The content of the script shan't be revealed, although it's already approved. Basically, we have began the production of this short film, by doing rough-ups based on our storyboards and deciding which camera angle is better for which particular scene.
The theme for the main shoot locations is demonic, because our inspiration for this film is... Grim Reaper! Ok, it's the SL-i version of Hell, so it's pretty PG, no worries about it passing the censory boards... =D
Because Blogger is having some technical difficulties, I'm unable to post any pictures. Will post some soon as possible!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Sl-i Machinima(on behalf of the group)

We have our script approved and we our storyboard has been completed. We built some of the props and once they are done we can start shooting.

Friday, May 04, 2007

SL-i Machinima
(blog on behalf of Gab and Ha0 )

Yay! This is the official start of our New Project! It's working title is "Hammy's Vacation" but it's NOTHING LIKE MR BEAN'S HOLIDAY!!! hehe... the script is sent for approval. Will spend this week writing a good script, and then next week filming, and the week after editting the film.
That's all folks!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Video completed

Completed the video and start another new project.

End of Phase 1

Yay! We revealed our secret project to Ms Dio. But!! It'll be a secret still to the rest. Uwhahahaha yes, I'm evil... not really... anyway, now we're tying up the loose ends of the project, meaning documenting our stuff. And also, preparing to take on our new project of making a machinima!!! Will be getting the plot up soon *stares at Gab*

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

after a busy weekend, finally the game is launched.. Only left with some production and post-production work for me.