Tuesday, August 07, 2007

We've not been updating for quite some time.. but heres a summary of what we finished over the weeks.

I've finished the skin editor. Now you can replace UI images with images of your own!

Thus, Brian and I have more or less finished our assigned tasks, and are working on integration at the moment. If we do have some more extra time, we'll put in extra features.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

I realised I haven't really been updating so.. HERE GOES!

Competition Site:

Database Site:


Company Site:

I did the design and graphics for all of these sites, other than the database the rest of them were executed by me, i.e. coded. But as a designer, I don't think you'll be delving too much into how I code them ahaha.

The logo design you see in damien's post was also done by yours truely ^^;;
That was for the Games Design Document by the way.
^Here's a link to it.

The crossword buildings look different these days too, to match those crossword puzzle assets I made.
^ Assets for the crossword, banners, questions etc.

Since beta testing start most of the briefings were conducted by me, as the gamemaster was busy with the database and stuff.

Through the beta test, one of the testers found quite few bugs with SL assets as well as with the database, which we tried to remedy as soon as possible.
Check out the forum for details on the challenges.

Oh yea, the tower of hanoi arena I did but didn't post screenshots.. the end of this post will be a pic spam. the mini towers's textures for the hemispheres were also done, as with the arena's texture with numbers labelling the poles...

-i will be back with the pics net lagging-

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Cool, our beta testing has commence! though with poor turn up rate. most of the beta testers werent free to be around but we will eventually find a way around it.