Saturday, December 22, 2007

Adios, NYP

I am no longer a lecturer in Singapore's Nanyang Polytechnic. On Dec/2007 I accepted a position as a research scientist / software developer at University of Louisiana at Lafayette where I'll be doing research and programming on virtual reality (woohoo!).

While I'll keep working on some personal Second Life projects, it is no longer my main development platform.

This blog will not be updated, and will only be kept for archival purposes.

Mon Htoo Nwe, NYP's new "Second Life person" has setup a blog at

Thanks to all my students!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Hey Its Fadong again.

A Sprinkler

A mock-up of the H2O zone.

A water jet to push up the platforms in the "Turn It Off" game.

So There.

It's me, Justin. This is the last post for my FYP as it's the last week.

Turn It Off

The Turn It Off game has been coded and is working now. There's a fastest time taken chart for view as well. Some texturings have been done by Fadong and the rest may come in very soon.


The texture for the Jet-Ski has been done by Kenny and added into the game already. It's more or less completed.

That's all for the last update, another short and simple one.

Hello, im kenny. The purpose of this image is just to make this post longer and hence, look like more work was done durin the previous week. look at my matching prinnys. for the whole week, i basically did the robots and their instrument for the game "jazz on the beach" This is a drum set. (the background is juz to hide the flaws.) i wanted to separate the the robots from their instruments to show each element clearly, but got lazy when i took e snapshot for the drumset.
This is the clarinet player, with his clarinet of coz.

the robot, with the drum set

The robot, with her guitar.

Since my robot is so nicely done, i tot that visitors might wanna buy it. so i decided to put it for sale. The parts of the robot are properly linked for easy posing or avatar attachment(lik my suzumiya avatar). do note that this image requires fantastic masking skill.o ho ho ho...

During this week, we oso started on the packaging... n tts all.