Monday, November 19, 2007

Hello, im kenny. The purpose of this image is just to make this post longer and hence, look like more work was done durin the previous week. look at my matching prinnys. for the whole week, i basically did the robots and their instrument for the game "jazz on the beach" This is a drum set. (the background is juz to hide the flaws.) i wanted to separate the the robots from their instruments to show each element clearly, but got lazy when i took e snapshot for the drumset.
This is the clarinet player, with his clarinet of coz.

the robot, with the drum set

The robot, with her guitar.

Since my robot is so nicely done, i tot that visitors might wanna buy it. so i decided to put it for sale. The parts of the robot are properly linked for easy posing or avatar attachment(lik my suzumiya avatar). do note that this image requires fantastic masking skill.o ho ho ho...

During this week, we oso started on the packaging... n tts all.

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