Saturday, December 22, 2007

Adios, NYP

I am no longer a lecturer in Singapore's Nanyang Polytechnic. On Dec/2007 I accepted a position as a research scientist / software developer at University of Louisiana at Lafayette where I'll be doing research and programming on virtual reality (woohoo!).

While I'll keep working on some personal Second Life projects, it is no longer my main development platform.

This blog will not be updated, and will only be kept for archival purposes.

Mon Htoo Nwe, NYP's new "Second Life person" has setup a blog at

Thanks to all my students!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Hey Its Fadong again.

A Sprinkler

A mock-up of the H2O zone.

A water jet to push up the platforms in the "Turn It Off" game.

So There.

It's me, Justin. This is the last post for my FYP as it's the last week.

Turn It Off

The Turn It Off game has been coded and is working now. There's a fastest time taken chart for view as well. Some texturings have been done by Fadong and the rest may come in very soon.


The texture for the Jet-Ski has been done by Kenny and added into the game already. It's more or less completed.

That's all for the last update, another short and simple one.

Hello, im kenny. The purpose of this image is just to make this post longer and hence, look like more work was done durin the previous week. look at my matching prinnys. for the whole week, i basically did the robots and their instrument for the game "jazz on the beach" This is a drum set. (the background is juz to hide the flaws.) i wanted to separate the the robots from their instruments to show each element clearly, but got lazy when i took e snapshot for the drumset.
This is the clarinet player, with his clarinet of coz.

the robot, with the drum set

The robot, with her guitar.

Since my robot is so nicely done, i tot that visitors might wanna buy it. so i decided to put it for sale. The parts of the robot are properly linked for easy posing or avatar attachment(lik my suzumiya avatar). do note that this image requires fantastic masking skill.o ho ho ho...

During this week, we oso started on the packaging... n tts all.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Wye Huong here, last day of my FYPJ before the presentation.

For the week, I have done:

  1. Development Schedules (Planned & Actual)
  2. Technical Design Document
  3. Final Project Report
  4. Final Project Presentation Powerpoint
To Miss Dio: Do we (DET) need to come back next week (Week 13), besides for the presentation? I hope we don't have to, because Mr. Leo informed me before the start of my FYP that my project would end on Nov 16th (Today).

Monday, November 12, 2007

Week 10 Progress...

Thanks to fadong's help, finally found the masking technique ans is successfully applied on my avatar. May be used in some of the avatars available for visitors to purchase/acquire.

This is a water orb that will be placed right below the Artificial Sun. It serve no purpose at all, juz for decor. the water is animated.

This is the "gem". Players have to get this in "jewels on the sea" to gain points in the game. It "glitters".

This is a sprinkler, which obviously is a failed product. will post here anyways lol.

Wine bottles. these are for H2O zone. haven tot of the names yet so the tags are empty.

This is the robot player for the game "jazz on the beach". Their purpose is to give the player visual feedback if the player successfully hits a target at the correct timing by player their instruments.

The trumpet

Saxophone. (ignore the lack of details. its to conserve prims... ... ... ...)

Trumpet robot player in action!

Trumpet robot player in action!

Hi, Larry here. For last week I have completed the assets for green zone and touched on the H2o zone.

This is the sprinkler that will be found in the green zone's resting area.

This is the waste disposal plant that will be lined along the walls within the green zone's main exhibition area.

Here is the Bar counter that can be found in the H2o zone's underwater bar.

Here is a cocktail that will be found in the H2o zone's bar
This is a stool that will be in the H2o bar as well.

Friday, November 09, 2007

End of the week is here and I have been working on Jewels of the Sea. I intend to spend the next week finishing it up and doing Jazz on the Beach. I set myself a deadline to complete it before the end of next week. Since we intend to use the following week to clean up everything and prepare for the final presentation. We haven't been able to access the island that was supposed to be assigned to us. I'm kind of worried...

The picture above is the Jazz on the Beach game, the game designer Kenny has completed modeling the stage where the player will dance as well as a couple of trombone playing robots. More will be lined up! *claps for Kenny*

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Justin here.


Right now, I'm helping out on the Evoplanto game. What I'm trying to do is to script out how the enemy plant's movement, random or following the player.

That's all for this week's update. Kinda short huh, lol.

Hi all this is Larry. What I have done for the past week are...

Evolved Plant 1 (all the normal and evolved plants mentioned below are to be placed in the exhibition area)

Evolved Plant 2

Normal plant 1

Normal plant 2

Evolved plant 3

Evolved plant 4

Evolved plant 5

Audio Speaker in green zone

Camera surveillance device in Green Zone
Main door entrance in green zone

Edited the evoplanto enemy unit

Created the landing area and the steps up to the main entrance for the green zone
The circular landing pads are modeled by Kenny, I replaced the textures to suit the green zone.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Hello its Fadong, again.

These are the shop booths of the main area. The shop booths in the H2O zone would also be like this.

These booths are in the Expo at the Main Area. The planet on top is not part of the booth, and the exhibits are just examples.

This is the teleporter in the Main Area to take people between the 2 floors.

So There.

For this week, i spent most of the time modelling and texturing for other areas.
A Ventilator for the Green Zone

High-Tech flower bed for Green Zone

Fountain for Green Zone

Lift for H2O Zone
Vending Machine for H2O Zone (design not by me =X)

Transport Pad for Main Area
Other than doing modelling and texturing for the Orange Playground, i also got research on how to mask out the default avatar body. If you pay attention to the "without mask" avatar, you will see the default avatar protruding out. The "correct" avatar uses the masking technique and the protruding avatar parts are hidden. (the avatar on the right is modelled by me but the one on the left is not. Its by 8KO Oh. to get landmark for the shop, IM me.)