Monday, October 29, 2007

Justin here again.

The Jet-Ski game is more or less completed as here.


Start point/rez box of the Jet-Ski for the game. Players can choose whether they want to start the game by rezzing out the vehicle, or taking a notecard containing the instructions of the game.

The game course, which is simple for now. The final game course might change depending on the Orange Playground land.

At the last checkpoint which is also the goal-line, a fastest lap chart is available for view. This is the equivalent of a high-score chart.

What's left is probably the addition of graphics from the DMD guys. The wooden blocks will actually become invisible in the end.

Friday, October 26, 2007

As time progresses and we had to go through our second formal presentation, my effort was not considered commendable. So I had to do something to make up for it as I continue to work harder for our project. As we worked towards the new proposal and games that are being suggested, each of the programmers are assigned two games to work on.

I was assigned "Jewels of the Sea" and "Jazz on the Beach". And begin working on it. I work alongside Kenny, one of our team's designer who came up with the games that I am working on. He came up with the assets and transfered them to me. This is how the game will look like.

This is how the complete game will look like after it is done. So with my new roles, I start my work. I spent most of the day understanding what is to be done and what is necessary, such as what the designers want and how the game is to work. The rest of the day was spent on thinking of the algorithms and messing around with llMessageLinked and link_message. The whole week was pretty fun, actually. We went around Second Life and exploring the wasteland that my friend Tozh send me (You can send Landmarks to your friend so they can visit that specific place, it so happens that she gave me a landmark for a wasteland and it was exciting).

This is a picture of the wasteland, resembles a post-nuclear location. It's fun!

Hi Its Fadong here.

Since last post I've done up the concepts for the third (and final) idea. I've also started modelling my zone. However, the supervisors decided to push my zone into the 2nd phase of the project. Therefore I will start on other zones now.

And Here is the Ring Structure I've been building.

So There.

Hi all.... Larry here. This is that I have done for the week.

This is the platform I have made for the evoplanto game in the green zone

This is the pillar where enemy units will spawn out from in Evoplanto

This is one of the lighted flowers in the green zone that will act as lights on the way to the main entrance.

The inactive bombs that players will hold in their hands when they play evoplanto

The halo that will be around the player's feet when they play evoplanto

Enemy spawn from evoplanto.

Activated bomb that turns into a shield with yet to be added explosive effects in evoplanto.

Models in SecondLife
The vending machines in Orange Playground serves as a stall for visitors to purchase items.
A place for visitors to rest and chat.

This is one of the game in Eva Zone. The "smoke" at the right serves as a feedback for the player if he click on the target at the correct time. Most of the models and animations are done but the game is not finished yet.

This is Jewels on the Sea, one of the games in Eva Zone.

This is the Shark for the "Jewels on the Sea" Game. It is a mobile obstacle in the game.

Previously, the animation for the transport vehicle had some problems. The animations are working fine now.
Concept Sketches

This is the platform for the transport vehicles to land. The are a total of 4 of this platform in Eva Zone. The Vending machines will also be located in this area.

This is the Main Area where the visitors will start at. Visitors can click on one of the holographic panels to travel to other islands using the transport vehicles provided.
This is the H2O Zone. This zone is located in the sea.
This is Eva Zone. This zone is floating in the air.
This is Green Zone. This zone is also floating in the air and is located between the Eva Zone and the main area.
This is supposed to be the overall view of Orange Playground. It is incomplete and it will never be completed. I submitted it anyways.

WyeHuong reporting in for the week,

List Of Things I Done This Week

  1. Static Targets
  2. Automatic Doors
  3. Vehicle & Cannon Respawning
  4. Towers V2
  5. Debugging Script
  6. Sounds
In the first 2 pics, the targets can only be hit by the opposing teams, E.G red can hit blue and vice versa. The target in the third pic can be hit by both teams. Once a static target is hit points are awarded and it will disappear. It respawns after 2 minutes.

This is the registration room, the doors are automatic.

The vehicles can now respawn. They will be brought back to the starting area when the player has zero health left, or he stands up halfway during the match.

I redid the towers because there was a problem. Previously, if i hit the up button, i will move up and land on the upper platform, however, if someone was near me, they would also be moved up. The reason is because i used a llWhisper function, which everyone could hear if they were near. Hence, I have since changed the script to detect the bullets, and then detect where the bullets came from, and subsequently transporting the correct vehicle upwards.

I have also placed a script in every object that was not supposed to be seen when the final game is ready. By just shouting run or debug into channel 054071 (my admin number) the objects will appear non-visible and visible respectively.

This is what happens when /054071 run is shouted.

Last but not least, I have done the sounds for:
  1. Shooting the cannon
  2. Moving the vehicle

Monday, October 22, 2007

Justin here.

The WeeTube game has more or less been completed, with gameplay and textures. I might be tweaking a little bit if possible once I'm done with the other mini-game that I'm doing right now. This picture shows how the pipes look like when no one is playing. They face up and doesn't react when click upon to prevent players from cheating.

This is how it looks when the player starts the game and click on the 9 tubes. The tubes will now face down, and when clicked upon, rotates 90 degrees around it's 'up' axis. Now all the player needs to do is to connect the pipe properly from the start to the end in order to win.


Now what I'm working on is the Jet-Ski game. The Go-Kart has been scrapped due to it not being inside the proposal, but the Jet-Ski has the same concept as the Go-Kart; to touch all the checkpoints and become the fastest to reach the finishing line.

The image above shows a box, which when clicked upon, rez out the mini-game's vehicle. The vehicle is just an illustration purpose and may change when the game is fully done. This vehicle will self-cleanup if no one sits on it so that it doesn't affect the sim if someone spams the rezzing process.

The checkpoints which the player needs to touch. Of course at the end there won't be any wooden plank to touch. The player will have to touch the checkpoints in order to record their own time. If they miss a checkpoint, they will have to go back and reach the checkpoint before continuing.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

WyeHuong here, this is what I have done this week:

For this week, I did the towers where players can go up to higher ground by shooting a button in front of them.

The vehicles can now go up and down in different positions, this is to enable players to peer over walls and shoot their opponents.

The cannon problem is fixed and now it tracks your camera and rotates accordingly, this adds realism to the shooting.

The close combat room has been planted with smoke bombs. To activate them, player have to shoot on buttons on the walls. However, there will be a 2 minute delay each time it is activated.

Ten vehicles are out and there are 5 per team, the red and blue boxes are collision checkers where they will 'open' or 'close' the tracks.