Sunday, April 29, 2007

Phase 1 Over ... What's Next?

Like what Nanami said, there's a *hint hint* secret development in the works and it's going to be ... erhemm ... how should I put it? ... "entertaining". Anyways, thanks to the whole SLi team for the tremendous effort put into making our project a success and also making the process a fun and fulfilling one.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Countdown to the launch!

2 days left, and I will not be revealing any details yet!

Friday, April 27, 2007


Completed the video. Will show it on Monday.
Secret project halfway done. Thanks for the hardwork Hao and Gab >D
I will get nightmares after this but for now, it's all quite fun(ny).

Will update more when we receive our new project. Hee =D

Working on video

Well our SL-island project has ended. Currently working on the video for our island.

Pet wings, Resized pets and Help with runway! Help!

Haha, I'm the first after the 100th post! Well, anyway, I tried the 2 variations of wings for the pets as suggested by Ms Lina. However, the "gradient" wing looked very weird and I accidentally closed the canvas without saving it. So, I only got this one below. This looks nice but I'm kind of worried that it may look like the wings of a character in an anime called Cardcaptor Sakura. I'm not sure though.

Also, I've resized the pets because we want some of the pets' merchandises to be available for all pets. So, if we have the pets of the same size, it'll be easier for the merchandises to fit all the pets. The rabbit however, is not affected by this resizing.

By the way, I was working on the fashion runway texture but I'm stuck. Google searches showed that most of the runways are rather plain and they usually stick to like 2 or 3 colours, usually neutral colours such as white black and grey. However, Jason says it looks plain. Hmm, I'm not sure what I can do, I had planned to put up pics of pets wearing the merchandises but they look distracting to me so I didn't continue with it. Please give me some suggestions? =p

Thursday, April 26, 2007

End of Project: sl-island

The 3 of us went to the rock @ Suntec for rehersals and the actual event (yesterday). Kinda glad everything's over, but I guess I'll miss the island (or rather, the stuff I left behind). What we did the past few days were basically touch ups on the island, video-ing our progresses and helping our clients set up the videos and SL-conference. Poor Gab.... rofl...
Anyway, now I'll be taking a video of the island on behalf of my teammates, and also work on a special surprise project. Shhhh!!! I really don't know what documents we must submit... Omigosh!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

This is the panda with wings without the black outline. Well, maybe a grey outline works better? I'm not too sure...

Pastel coloured wings and butterfly wings suggested by Ms Lina.

These are shirts with pants/skirt only for the rabbits.

By the way, I'm trying to "standardise" the sizes of the pets, such that certain merchandises can be used by all the pets. However, there's some problems with the head. I'll post the pictures up in the morning when SL recovers its function.
Please give your comments if any. I apologise for the ugly graphics, because i put the wings and the pets together using photoshop as SL is under mantainance...

New Pets' wings and pig bikini...

This is the new wings for the pets.

This is the bikini for pet pigs.

Please give your comments if any, thanks =)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

jason's mid-week 8 update

did some NPCS to populate the townTaufik and Iskandar, 2 skater boys
Jennifer with her robo-pet
re-textured the slots (formally had ORLY pics)
Japanese tourists Ayu-chan and Mika
A retired army general with no name
There are also pet versions for the clothes present on these NPCs.

I also finished up the web stuff. Also, due to some restrictions (31 maximum primitives for an object to allow physical), i had to reduce some of the prim count for the accerssories and did some new textures to compensate.

SHHHH ... I can't say anything about what i done

Edited wings, pig textures and more merchandise

This is the pig with the edited skin. It's flat, pink colour.

These are the new wings for the pets.
Edited from Mr Zefeng's example.

These are the merchandise I built.

These is addition to Jason's terror pet equipment. Bulletproof vest and bomb.

This is swimming trunks for pig only.

This is Red Lush Cape and Mittens and Golden Dragon Cape and Mittens for pandas only.

This is hairbrush for rabbits only.

This is ball for pandas only.

Please give your comments if any, thanks =)

Monday, April 23, 2007

Textured pets and mud pool set

These are the fully textured pets. The mucus for the pig is not added to the texture because of distortions.

This is the mud pool set for the pig.

Please give your comments, if any. Thanks =)

Sunday, April 22, 2007

jason's end-of-week 7 update

just an update: the group has decided to remove the hospital due to a possible loophole in the plot.

On to the pictures:a pirate ship accessory/vehicle
new pond area added to the island
area in front of the pet shop
beach area, with DJ Muthu
Old man, the icecream vendor
Bicycle accerssory/vehicle
Currently left with some clean up work on the island, improving the web stuff (see google grp) and adding more pet accerssories.

This week was spent re-structuring the data-management system online into classes and a new method of handling the MySQL tables that store the data.

It is now much easier for the designers to add in ANY pet attribute to the game at any point in time, as the tables are now generated dynamically as more are added, unlike previously, where the attributes were hard coded in.

Also, the web interface is on it's way with the restructuring as it will allow the administration panel to be created much more easily (the main cause of the re-structuring).

Friday, April 20, 2007

Red Carpets Rolling Soon ...

Indeed it is, but til then - here are the updates for me as my team and I wrap up the designs and functionalities. With all the major parts more or less working and done, we've not wasted away the rest of our time for the FYP ... we've made enhancements and additions to spruce up the look a bit. Like what Nanami mentioned in the previous post, Mr Soren visited us and advised us on some design issues; but being rather late into the project already, we could only make minor changes to improve the situation without having to revamp an entire chunk of objects. As usual, I'll explain each picture as I move along.

The waiting room with our metallic friends, combining my modelled robots and Ha0's wandering script .. we have robots patrolling and talking about our client. There's Rollerbot (it has wheels for feet), Sweeperbot (it has flaps that drape downwards and moves in a sweeping motion as it moves around; it has exhaust columns on it as well), Spiderbot (in true geek-dom, I just couldn't avoid adding a robot that was quad-pedal and house a rather sinister look [oops]) and finally there's Swingybot (it's the only stationary robot there but very noticeable due to its flexible arms that swing around).

The updated look of the SIDM/NYP room; I've kept the look of clean lines and something of a different style (notice the elaborate designs of the other rooms) I've added frames for the students' works to be displayed as well. Also, there are down and underlights for greater atmosphere.

Two frames in this room house an SIDM poster which I quickly did with Photoshop for a quick overview of what SIDM is all about. By the way, the logos have links to its respective sites too.

It's been quite overdue but I eventually got down to it. That's right. The cliff now looks more natural. Now, Kazaf won't have to complain the waves crashing into our island are ... err ... (is it appropriate to say this publicly?) gay?

I've also glammed up our reception with overhead fountains (something unique) and path lights that spread out visually. Looks really good IMO ;)

As we draw closer to the big day, we're doing all we can to make this something our client and ourselves proud of, and truly call our own.

Finishing touches
Our project is coming to an end very soon. Gonna miss all my stuff on the island... Since most of the crucial parts of the projects are done up, I went to touch up some parts of the island, cleared most of my mess, etc. So yea, I've done pretty random stuff since last Wednesday.
My 3 pretty ladies. From left to right: Christie, Sally and Jeane
Hey, I just gave them a pay rise, and off they went to change their hairdos. Geesh... Also changed their uniform to something more in-tune with this jungle theme: florals! haha ok, so I received a box of really cool textures and cant wait to try them out. But so what? They all look better now.
Seven Seas Cafe
Added a logo, some decorations and a 'net surfing' corner. I also had laptops with 'screensavers' showing our clients webpage, our blog and random pictures the 3 of us took during our time in SL. This laptop is more personal I guess. I'm seeking suggestions if I should remove our client's webpage from this area.
New Conference room 1
Mr Soren came and advised us the other day. He said something about a standardised style for the island. So here's me trying to add realism to a futuristic place, just as I tried to add realism to all the other rooms. Er ok, most of it are stil semi-real, cos, walking on clouds? Sitting next to a waterfall? Haha. It can only happen on this island! Yea! So yea, I added a super huge aquarium around the room, with fishes and stuff. The problem is, I couldn't find any fish big enuff to fill it, So it' imcomplete, for now. Hope this won't make this place boring anymore.

Displaying the works of SIDM (Games Track)
I'm going around asking follow SIDM-mates who did games for SP3 to donate their posters in-game screenshots etc to this project. I'm displaying it at the NYP-SIDM room. Right now, you're seeing Lights of Lorica and Tivi: The Lost Channels by 2 groups of DET-DMD team. Please email me your stuff by this Sunday ok? Preparing to work OT for this. >D

Robots in waiting area
We have some robots in our waiting area. Some of them give out notecards when you click on them. I also did a greeter robot that will move forward to greet the visitor that arrive in the room. There are moving headphones around that will play music when click on them.

Tour with sounds
The tour has added in sounds that introduce the area to the visitors.

Checking for the warp portal

The warp portal will check for those valid guests' name in order to teleport to the waiting area. So only those invited guest can get to the top floor.